Announcement Board:
Grand Blanc Islamic
1479 Baldwin Rd.
Grand Blanc, MI 48439
Imam: Mohamad Mwafak
Algalaieni PhD.
810 603 9920
Our Mission
The purpose of the Grand Blanc Islamic Center is to promote Islamic education and unity amongst
all local area Muslims to establish daily prayers and family services while fostering a strong sense
of community amongst all people of diversity in Genesee County.
Grand Blanc Islamic Center
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1st - 20th
7:00 AM
5 minutes after Athan
7:30  PM
21st - 31st
6:50 AM
5 minutes after Athan
7:30  PM
January 2014 – IQAMA TIME IN THE MOSQUE    
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Highlights of Friday Speech
March  28 2008
April 11, 2008
(Manners of Visiting)
April 18, 2008 (Flint Center)
(Fear and Hope)
April 25, 2008
(Guarding of the Tongue)
May 9, 2008
(Hope and Optimism)
June 13, 2008
(Youth Energy)
June 2008
(15 steps to deal with Stress)
Dec. 27 2008
(Good Deeds)
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Welcome to Grand Blanc Islamic Center
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Friday Prayer Begins at 1:30 PM